13.02.19 - 14.02.2019 - ECPE/Cluster Tutorial: Testing and Electrical Characterization of Power Semiconductor Devices

Advanced Course on Dynamic and Application-Related Measurements

Course instructors:
Prof. Ingmar Kallfass, Univerity of Stuttgart

The dynamic properties of fast-switching power semiconductor devices can only be measured properly if the power semiconductors are integrated in real circuits and applications.
This tutorial requires basic knowledge in power semiconductor characterization e.g. with static measurements. Important and relevant measuring techniques including dynamic measurements will be presented that can be used to test and characterize power semiconductor devices in applications.
The lectures can optionally be supplemented by attending a following practical course in the Bosch Innolab. There the participants can perform own measurements in small groups under supervision.

:: Knowledge of relevant physical quantities for testing or characterization of fast-switching power semiconductor devices
:: Competence to interpret the corresponding information in standards and data sheets
:: Knowledge of possible measuring techniques to be able to check and characterize fast-switching devices in applications
:: Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages or limits of the various measuring techniques
:: Competence for the conception and execution of measurements

Target Audience of this Tutorial:
:: Developers of power electronic boards and systems who use, specify and select the fast-switching power semiconductor devices
:: Engineers from quality assurance and quality management
:: Manufacturer of power semiconductor devices
:: Engineers from universities and research institutes

All presentations and discussions will be in English language.

Daedline for registration: 06 February 2019

ECPE / Cluster Tutorial