20.11.19 - 21.11.2019 - ECPE/Cluster-Tutorial: Power Semiconductor Devices & Technologies

Course instructors: 
Dr. Anton Mauder, Infineon Technologies
Prof. Nando Kaminski, University of Bremen

The tutorial is aimed at engineers who are engaged in power electronics and want to improve their knowledge and understanding of power devices including the developments expected in near future.
The course starts with a general overview on required power device properties and a very basic treatment of semiconductor material and device physics.
Blocking capability of the devices, unipolar and bipolar current transport and gate control will be discussed. Diodes, MOS transistors (including compensated super-junction MOS) and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) will be treated in detail including their dynamical properties, safe operation and temperature limits.
The wide bandgap semiconductor materials silicon carbide and gallium nitride have become important competitors to silicon. Their superior properties for application and the expectations for the next years will be discussed. Also, issues concerning control, packaging and integration will be treated in the corresponding contributions.
The following chapters demonstrate basic principles of power electronic systems and the basics of intelligent IGBT / MOSFET control circuits. MOS transistor and IGBT gate drivers for various fields of application are discussed in detail.
Finally a short overview of hybrid power electronic integration and the most relevant aspects (cooling, reliability and EMC problems) will be presented.

All presentations and discussions will be in English language.

Deadline for registration: 13 November 2019


Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt am Main (Germany)