01.10.19 - 02.10.2019 - ECPE/Cluster-Tutorial: Power Electronics Packaging

Course instructors: 
Prof. Dr. Uwe Scheuermann, Semikron Elektronik
Dr. Reinhold Bayerer, Physics of Power Electronics
Gudrun Feix, ECPE
Dr. Karsten Guth, Infineon Technologies
Dr. Max H. Poech, Fraunhofer ISIT

In addition to the conventional electronics packaging functions, in Power Electronics one has to deal with further requirements such as handling high voltages and currents as well as handling electrical losses with the required heat dissipation.
The tutorial starts with the presentation of the basic features of power electronics packaging including functions, materials and thermal management as one of the key issues.

The packaging of components and modules as well as the converter level packaging is covered starting from low power discrete and monolithic solutions up to hundreds of kW converters. Power electronics packaging is discussed in a system environment focussing on cooling techniques and thermal interface materials.
Since there is a dominant impact of packaging on the reliability of components and systems, one session is devoted to failure mechanisms and reliability testing.
The current drivers in power electronic systems are power density, manufacturability, reliability and costs. The shortcomings and bottlenecks of state-of-the-art packaging will be discussed and the emerging interconnection and integration technologies that aim to address these challenges will be reviewed.

This tutorial is aimed at engineers who are engaged in power electronics and want to improve their knowledge and understanding of power electronics packaging including ongoing developments and future trends.

All presentations and discussions will be in English language.

Deadline for registration: 24 September 2019