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17.09.15 - Fraunhofer IZM Workshop: Reliability in Power Electronic Packaging

Veranstalter: Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration

Power electronics are being employed in more and more areas and the applications are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. With the growing importance of energy production from renewables and the ongoing electrification of vehicles, the environment in which they are applied becomes more harsh. This creates new challenges regarding their reliability and thus availability. Additionally, like all areas of electronics, Power electronics are still undergoing the trend towards miniaturization. New packaging and interconnection technologies are introduced continuously and change failure cause, time and location within the system.

This workshop explains the most important process factors regarding reliability in interconnection and packaging. Main degradation mechanisms are presented together with options to increase robustness and lifetime. Also a focus is set to the requirements towards reliability of power electronics, regarding mission profiles, test planning, (accelerated) reliability testing and lifetime modelling. In five departments Fraunhofer IZM scientists are conducting research in all realms of electronic packaging, covering everything from material selection, simulation, design and interconnection technologies at wafer, chip and board-level to the environmental impact of microelectronics. This unique and broad approach makes extremely reliable solutions possible.