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26.04.17 - 27.04.2017 - 6th Industrial CAM Workshop and Technology Exhibition on “Innovation in Failure Analysis and Material Diagnostics of Electronics Components”

Some of the highlights this year include: 

  • Keynotes during the workshop
  • In the first keynote, Ingrid de Wolf, IMEC (BE), will talk about the The 3D technology landscape: expected reliability issues, failure mechanisms and available analysis techniques.

  • In a second keynote, Joerg Krinke , Robert Bosch GmbH (DE), will outline the Failure Analysis Challenges of Multi-Chip Modules. 

  • A large, centrally located exhibition area allows companies to display their products and services all conference attendees. Due to the high demand, further booths in the lobby area have been added. Please, see the exhibition section of the website for details.

  • The annual Elite User Workshop will take place on the day before the CAM-Workshop, 25th April 2017, at the premises of Fraunhofer CAM, Heideallee 19, Halle. The workshop will provide a platform to exchange new information and practical experiences regarding the usage of LIT (Lock-In Thermography) as a valuable failure
    analysis technology. 

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Matthias Petzold, Frank Altmann
Center for Applied Microstructure Diagnostics  (CAM)
Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS
Walter-Hülse-Strasse 1, 06120 Halle (Saale) I Germany
Tel:  +49 345 5589-0, Fax: +49 345 5589-101
Email: workshop@iwmws.fraunhofer.de, Web: www.cam.fraunhofer.de

Fraunhofer IMWS


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