25.09.18 - 27.09.2018 - LPS - International LED Professional Symposium + Expo

Lighting Technologies of Tomorrow

LpS is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies event for design, testing and production of lighting systems, controls and equipment.

Latest updates for researchers, engineers and system architects in the fields of LEDs, OLEDs, Drivers, Controls, Optics, Thermal Management, Materials, Standardization, Testing, Technology Trends, and Luminary Design.

Application Areas: 
:: Human Centric Lighting, 
:: Indoor Lighting, 
:: Outdoor Lighting, 
:: Transportation Lighting, 
:: Architectural Lighting, 
:: Signage Lighting, 
:: Entertainment Lighting, 
:: Agricultural Lighting and 
:: Healthcare Lighting.

LPS 2018 Website

Begrenz / Austria