20.11.17 - Cluster-Vortragsreihe des Fraunhofer IISB: Trends in soft magnetic materials and inductive components modelling for power electronic systems

Gemeinsame Vortragsreihe des Bayerischen Clusters Leistungselektronik und des „Fraunhofer-Innovationsclusters Elektronik für nachhaltige Energienutzung“

Trends in advanced soft magnetic materials in power electronic applications
Kyohei Kai Aimuta, Hitachi Metals

The demand for higher switching frequencies and power density in power converters are increasing due to the recent technology improvement of SiC/GaN power devices. In order to achieve these goals, advanced soft magnetic materials with lower core loss and higher saturation flux density are required. The presentation will discuss the soft magnetic materials that cover these requirements, and are compliant to several megahertz and megawatt applications.

Simulation and characterization of losses within high frequency power inductors
Stefan Ehrlich; Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen

The calculation of power losses in inductors with ferrite cores is essential for the power electronic system design. However, it is not possible to determine the loss distribution in a single measurement in order to validate the simulation. An application-oriented approach for loss measurement and simulation in high frequency power inductors is presented. The methodology is illustrated to the audience on basis of a power inductor with litz wire.


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